Jing Advanced Maternity Massage

To support you during and post pregnancy alleviating pressure and easing aches and pains.

Jing Maternity Clinical Massage is designed to nurture and help your body adapt and help relief of common discomforts. During and post pregnancy your body is undergoing dynamic changes which may cause emotional stress, aches and pains. This massage can help with:

• Lower back pain • Hip and pelvic pain (including SPD) • Ribs and shoulder tension • Neck tension • Sciatica • Postural problems • Swollen ankles • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Shifts in weight and extra pressure are the main culprit for many of these common pregnancy related ailments. Fluctuations of hormones in particular the hormone relaxin plays an important role of softening the cervix, sometimes other ligaments and can lead to issues like carpal tunnel.

This gentle but effective massage can ease and help you through all the stages of pregnancy. Your Jing Maternity therapist will help you during pregnancy and even years postnatal.

Jing Maternity Massage
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